Sunday, November 23, 2008


Want to use KgbKgb ?

Most cellphone providers in the US, Canada and the UK allow access to this human-powered search.

Taken from
Our new two-way text product in the U.S., kgbkgb (text 542542 on your mobile handset) is in beta testing and available to answer any question you have 24 hours a day, everyday. kgbkgb is the first mobile text "find" service to combine human-powered search with one of the most extensive databases in the business.
Rates range from $0.30 to $0.99 per text. (I'm not sure how your rate is determined) It is not a subscription based service.

Get answers to practical questions, stupid questions, trivia questions, even sports scores. The service is easy to use.

They also appear to hiring people to work at home and answer questions. This would be a great income supplement if you could get hired (Visit ) and work at it in your spare time.

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