Friday, December 26, 2008

Join KGB Now

The Application process is up on

Go to the main page and follow the links or go directly to the application here the site is hosted at

Good luck and you can take it as many times as you need to.

You need to be legally allowed to work in the US and must have a US Bank account, these details are given once you complete the test successfully.

KgbKgb Starts Hiring

New Posting on the blog says that the recruiting site opens today, December 26th.

I am very excited to tell you that we are finally ready to open up our Work @ Home kgb Special Agents recruitment process. This Friday, December 26th, we’ll be sending you an email with links to our Recruitment Center.

If you have not yet sent us your email address, do so now so you can receive notification from us about the application process.

Submit your email at now to get the email invitation to their recruiting site.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bukisa Update - Freelance Article Pay

In one week on Bukisa, I've managed to earn half of the required amount for payout.

Payout can be reached at 50 dollars and all that's needed are articles, slideshows, or videos.

The site seems to be well run and the editing options are easy to use. If they do turn out to be legitimate then now would be a good time for you to get some articles on the site to get some long-tail and pasive income.

The Bukisa Index is still showing $3.95 per 1000 views.

Visit for more information.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Work for UserTesting

The most recent site mentioned to join was and today I bring you a new site that pays you $10 per site.

The idea is to visit a site given to you by UserTesting and watch how you browse the site. It will record, through their own software, how you browse the site with your mouse while recording your verbal opinions of the site as you visit it.

It takes about 10 minutes of browsing and commenting to complete the requirements per site and then answering 4 standard question. If you fit the target demographics then you should get about 5 sites per week equaling $50 per week.

Visit for more details and a signup link.

This is an easy opportunity to do at home and has been recognized by Amazon as a finalist in their Start-Up Challenge.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A great reference site for working at home

The creators of Work At Home Moms (Wahm) have a great reference site for those looking at doing some work in their spare time.

The forums have many great job leads and frank discussions about companies that pay and those that do not.

No membership is required to do basic functions including searching the forum.

Check out for lots of great references and leads.

Monday, December 15, 2008

KgbKgb Updates

Many users who have followed the links in past and have applied for kgb kgb have started to receive their promotional T-Shirts for the site.

If they're sending out promotional materials then it would seem plans are still going forward.

KgbKgb will start their launch in a week. At least that's what I hope.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bukisa - Bukisa Index : Views needed to get paid

I mentioned Bukisa the other day as an alternative to eHow. It allows you to post your content (Articles, Videos, Slides, Audio, and soon Photos) and get paid their daily impression rate. Also, you are allowed to promote your own websites if you have any. (Make you own website now to get some residual income from ads!!)

The article submission process is easy and you are allowed to submit your own content that has already been published again to their site.

The Bukisa index is currently $3.95 per 1000 page views.

With no referrals it would only take 12,658 page impression to get paid. You are allowed to promote your articles on MySpace, Facebook, Digg, and others.

Get started writing for Bukisa now and get paid while the rate is so high.