Thursday, December 11, 2008

eHow Global Alternatives

Schan Ezan brought up a great point in the post on writing for eHow and how to make money. eHow does not pay users outside of the USA and Schan Ezan posted some alternatives. I will look into these alternatives, post payment rates, how to join, and other relevant details in the coming days. In the mean time here is what he submitted:

Other similar site for those who are not in the United States are such as
HowHub, HubPages, Helium and Bukisa.

HowHub and HubPages income are through adsense. I don't know much about
Helium. Bukisa should be similar to eHow, only its domain PR is not as

Thanks for the information, I'll add to it shortly.

If anyone else has tips, please post a comment and I'll be sure to add it the main page along with a link to your site.

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