Wednesday, December 3, 2008

mTruk - What is it and how do I make moolah?

mTurk = Amazon's system known as Mechanical Turk, an online worker and employer marketplace. All work is done through mturk.

Turk? = The definition of turk as found on is "The name comes from Wolfgang von Kempelen's mechanical "Turk" in the mid-1700s, which was an expert chess player dressed up as a wooden mannequin. Defeating challengers throughout Europe, including Napoleon, the Turk sat inside a wooden cabinet wearing a robe and turban. Opening the door to reveal gears and springs inside, Kempelen fooled people into believing this was a mechanical device with artificial intelligence. "

MTurk lists small tasks that need to be accomplished and allows users to take those task, complete them, and pay them the rate advertised. All of these jobs are listed as HIT or Human Intelligence Tasks.

Tasks can include; finding light posts in a photo, transcribing, translating, rating search results, finding item numbers, contact numbers, and much more.

Pay is not a huge amount but tasks are small and quick to finish allowing you to accomplish many. There are also incentives for quantity and quality of work. Pay can be deposited into your bank account or into an gift certificate.

Interested? Visit for more information and FAQs on the site.

Do you use mturk, leave your tips and feedback in the comments.

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